Top Mobile App Ideas for Small Business to Consider

The Importance of Crafting Innovative Mobile App for Business 

The success of any firm mostly depends on the unique idea which they prepare for their business. Nowadays, a unique mobile app idea that satisfies all the needs of the people is one of the best ways to achieve success. Most people these days want an app solution that not only saves their precious time but also helps them to save costs and streamline the everyday process for them. 

As the demand for a mobile app has increased dramatically, most businesses are paying attention to building an innovative mobile app for their business to fulfill all the demands of their ideal customers quickly. In the Statista report, it was noted that mobile app downloads had increased drastically from 2016 to 2018; in 2016, around 143.7 billion apps were downloaded from the app store. This number has increased and has reached 194 billion mobile app downloads in 2018.

Excellent Mobile App Development Ideas for You to Get Mobile App of Your Dream 

Crafting a mobile app solution that satisfies all the requirements of the business and consumers is the dream of every business. Developing a mobile app may sound simple, but it asks for many more things than our assumption. Still, if the development task is assigned to the professional app development company, then they can quickly complete it for the business in an organized way. 

According to one of the reports, consumer spending has reached around $101 billion on the Global app store in 2018, which was more than 75% from 2016. The consumer spending figure is expected to reach high by $120 billion in 2019. There are around 5 billion mobile users worldwide, with more than 57% of global internet penetration. People are using mobile phones and the internet to get their work done quickly and accurately.

People these days demand to have access to each and everything within a few taps of the button. Hence to satisfy every demand of ideal customers, businesses need to opt for their best mobile app solution. To help you make a perfect choice, let’s explore some of the mobile app ideas which you can consider for developing a mobile app for your business. 

Finance Apps

According to the Statista report, 90% of people in the United States responded that they use the mobile banking app. They use this app for various purposes like verifying their account balance, paying bills, viewing recent transactions, checking the record, contacting customer service, and more. The modern generation prefers to manage their finances through applications. As per Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform report, one of the most downloaded finance apps was Cash App in the U.S for Q2 2019. 

Finance apps make people’s life much easier as they do not have to rush to banks now and then for various purposes; they can easily make transactions from the app and can also pay bills whenever they want. The app facilitates them to manage finances easily within a few clicks of the button.  

Health & Fitness Apps

According to a Statista report, there are numerous health and fitness apps available in the Google Play Store. As of June 2019, Calorie Counter- MyFitnessPal ranked on the top in the app category with total revenues of around 1.08 million U.S. dollars. Health and fitness apps have made people’s lives much more accessible. 

Health & fitness apps are going to be a hot favorite of people worldwide in less time as people love to stay fit and find using this vital tool. More than 96% of users use one or the other health & fitness app on their smartphone; such apps help track steps taken by the users, the distance they walked, stairs climbed, and more.

Handyman App

Nowadays, people don’t have enough time to complete their house chores on their own hence they take the help of the professional who completed the app solution. Many of the professionals who have skills offer their service to the customers by registering themselves on an app. 

Once they complete the registration process successfully, they can provide their service to the customers as per their specified requirements and earn a good profit. Using the Uber-like app solution, customers can also appoint an expert for accomplishing their various household chores like cleaning, washing clothes, fixing broken devices, and more. 

Music Streaming App

Everybody has a pop star fantasy. With an entertainment application like Spotify, users can sing and filter to be the next singing idols. But before moving to the music streaming app development process, make sure to understand the Spotify business model to know how the streaming platform makes money and caters to users’ needs. Build an app that is for amateur singers, professional singers, and musicians who would want to practice their daily routine. It’s a simple app idea yet has a potential online market.

Video-editing App

Social media use is an upward trend, despite if the trending social media app preferences change. Most people put their personal lives on social platforms in a video format; it is used for sharing and marketing business products as well. Hence make sure to build a video editing app that enables users to get a professional-looking product.

Marketplace Businesses

There are many app solutions available that belong to marketplace businesses. It includes ride-hailing, handyman services, and many more. However, if you want to create a difference in the market through your app solution, you can think of launching a similar app to Uber that can be used for availing laundry services any time, and this solution introduces a different concept in the market than before and by providing excellent services, you can create your loyal customer base in the market.

Education Industry

Since many are choosing online courses to cut short and learn in an effective way, it is a good option to start with. While you can offer an excellent online course online, your business can make profits from the signup fees, or you can prepare study material that students can use, which is crafted by subject experts to learn everything efficiently. This helps in the betterment of education while you can also run your business through excellent app solutions supporting learning demands.


There is no end to mobile innovation and mobile app development ideas because every business is coming up with innovative and unique app development ideas for their business. Now there is the availability of various apps that have made our lives more accessible than before; people can get instant food, an expert to complete the house chores, a beautician at home, and more with a few taps on the app solution. 

Hence if the businesses want to stay tuned with the present market, then they must surely get an excellent app solution for their business. For developing the app, they can take the support of the developer or can assign the task to the app development firm, who can complete the same at a pocket-friendly cost.