How to Decline a Job Offer by Email? (With Templates)

Saying no to a job offer can be hard and scary. It is important to be polite and truthful to keep a good image. This guide helps you by giving useful tips. We also give you examples of emails to start with.

Make sure the job is right for your career before you say yes. Taking a job that is not right can stop your career growth and make you unhappy. You should think about if the job gives you the chances you want for your career.

If you get a better offer from a different place or the pay is too low, it is okay to say no. It can be scary, but think about your happiness and money in the future. The job world is tough, and selling yourself short can be bad for you later.

When you say no to a job, it does not mean you are making enemies. It means you are being true to yourself and the business. Businesses respect people who know what they want and can say it well. Saying no in a thoughtful way can keep chances open for later.

1. Give a quick response

Answering fast to a job offer is very important. When you know you do not want the job, tell the employer fast. This lets the business keep hiring without problems. If you need time to think, send a short email to say you got the offer and tell them when you will answer. This shows you respect the employer and keep talking openly.

2. Show gratitude

Begin your email by thanking the employer for the job offer. Say thank you and mean it for them picking you. Tell them you know how much work they have done. This is important and shows you are a professional. Finish with a big thank you to show you are really thankful.

3. Personalize your email

Do not be like everyone else. Call the hiring manager by their name and talk about things from the interview that you liked. This makes it seem like you really care and remember the time you spent talking to them.

4. Explain your decision

You do not have to say why you say no, but it can be good. Keep it short and be nice. Do not say bad things about the job or the people. It is okay to talk about the job’s location, other offers, the money, your own situation, your career hopes, or the company’s way when these are why you say no. Your answer should sound smart and kind.

5. Wishing them well

You should always hope the company does well. Use nice words to tell them you hope for their success. Doing this makes you look good, and they will remember you well.

The way you turn down a job says what kind of person you are at work. Being kind, on time, and thoughtful shows you are good to work with, even if not right now. This helps your name get better. How you say no shows you are grown-up and know how to be at work, things all jobs like.

6. Offer to stay in touch

It is good to keep talking to them about your work future. Saying you want to keep in touch could lead to good chances later. You might meet the hiring manager or company workers in a different workplace. Growing a wide network and making every meeting good can help your career a lot. Saying no but in a nice way can turn into a chance to make contacts. It can make people see you as someone who is always professional.

A good no thank you email shows what kind of person you are. Try to make people think well of you, no matter what happens. Saying no nicely can help them remember you in a good way. Maybe they will think of you for a better job later. People who work move from one company to another. Hiring managers do this, too. You might meet again. Saying no in a nice way can help you work together later. It can fit what you want to do in your career.


It is very important to say no to a job offer with respect. You must keep a good relationship and protect how people see you as a professional. If you answer quickly, say thank you, write your email just for them, give a reason, say you hope they do well, and say let’s keep in touch. Then, you keep chances open for the future. You also keep a good picture of yourself with the company. This shows you respect the time and work of the employer. And it shows how good and professional you are.

Being careful with this can help your contacts and work life, too. The work world is all connected. The person who wants to hire you today might help you later. Saying no, but being nice can create a good feeling. It can leave a good mark. Be nice to the company because it is polite. But also do it to show your own professional rules and what you believe.

In the end, saying no to a job offer with grace and respect shows what kind of person you are and how professional you are. It shows you handle tough talks well and want to keep good industry relationships. Remembering that saying no to a job can be as key as saying yes. It shapes your career and future chances. Find out more about how to write a goodbye email to co-workers at your company here.

Declining a job offer email templates

Are you still finding it difficult to write a declining job offer email? Don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are two of the best templates manually crafted to submit as a declining email for a job offer.

Template #1: Accepting another offer

Dear [Manager’s Name],

I hope you are doing good. I am very thankful for the job offer for [Position] at [Company]. I decided to take another job that fits my career plans better. Your company impressed me, and I would like to keep in contact with you for future chances. Thank you for your time. I hope you and your team do well.

Yours truly,

[Your Name]

Template #2: Salary does not meet expectations.

Dear [Employer’s Name],

Thank you for the job offer for [Position Title] at [Company Name]. It was an honor to be picked, and I was happy to meet your team. I have to say no to the offer because the pay is less than I need for my career. This was a hard choice because I respect [Company Name]. I hope we can work together later in the future. Thank you again for being kind and understanding during my interview.

Yours sincerely,

[Your Name]