How to Download Gmail Emails? The Easy Way

If you read this, you want to download Gmail emails. You may want to keep an email or conversation as a PDF, or you may want to download lots of Gmail emails.

In this guide, I tell you how to download emails, including how to see them when not online. These methods are updated and according to the new version.

We begin now!

  1. Save Gmail Emails or Conversations as PDF
  2. Save Gmail File Attachments
  3. Get All Emails from Gmail (And Regular Backups)
  4. Make Gmail Emails into CSV or Excel File
  5. Save Gmail Emails to use them without the internet

How to Download a Gmail Email or Conversation as a PDF

To save a single email or a Gmail conversation to PDF, do these:

  1. Open Gmail on your computer.
  2. Find the email or conversation you want to save.
  3. Click on the three dots “⋮” on the email’s right side.
  4. Choose “Print” to make it a PDF or “Download message” to get a .eml file.

How to Download Attachments from Gmail

To download files from Gmail, do these:

  1. Go into Gmail.
  2. Find the email with the file you want to save.
  3. Move over to the file preview and click “Download.”
  4. Your file goes to the folder where you save downloads.

Note: For Gmail photo files that show as pictures, click right on the picture and choose “Save Photo.”

How to Get All Your Emails from Gmail (And Regular Backups)

If you need all your Gmail data for records, to move to another account, or to leave Google, use Google Takeout.

Here is how:

  1. Go to Google Takeout.
  2. Pick Gmail from the list of Google things.
  3. Choose to get all Gmail data, or just some, in MBOX or JSON.
  4. Note: To get Gmail emails as CSV or Excel, look at the next way.

STEP 1: Picking What to Get from Gmail

  1. Sign into Gmail.
  2. Visit Google Takeout.
  3. Click “Deselect all” to not download all the Google stuff.
  4. Choose “Mail” in the product options.
  5. Pick mail data options you like.
  6. Hit “Next step” to keep going.

STEP 2: Choose where for Gmail Export

Pick a method to get your Gmail export on this page:

  1. They send links by email
  2. Put it in Drive
  3. Add it to Dropbox
  4. Move to OneDrive
  5. Put in Box

If you choose the link by email, download Gmail export in 7 days.

STEP 3: Pick Export Frequency

Choose one-time or more exports for automatic backups. Like, send emails out every 2 months for 1 year.

STEP 4: Choose File Format and Size

Pick .zip or .tgz and a max file size from 1 GB up to 50 GB.

After choosing, click “Create export” to get it done.

Download Gmail Emails for Offline:

To get Gmail offline, do these:

  1. Start Gmail on your PC.
  2. Click the gear icon on the top right and choose “See all Settings.”
  3. Find the “Offline” section.
  4. Turn on the offline mail.
  5. Decide how many past messages to sync and click “Save Changes.”

If you can’t turn on Gmail offline, ask your admin to adjust Gmail settings. When offline, use the bookmark to go to Gmail directly.

Why You Should Download Gmail Emails:

1. Risk Lowering: Keeping stuff on Google’s cloud is handy but risky. Many people have lost important files due to cloud problems. Back up your emails to be safe.

2. Worry About Security: Google has good safety steps, but no system is 100% safe. Gmail accounts can get hit by phishing. When someone hacks your account, you can not guess what will happen to your data.

If you save copies of your emails using tools like Google Takeout often, it makes your data more safe. Tap here to learn about how to download email from Outlook. The easy guide will allow you to quickly download all your emails safely without losing any important data.