How to Mark All Emails As Read? An Easy Guide

Do you get too many unread emails? When emails are not read, they are in bold text. Bold emails can stress you out. They can make it hard to see important new emails. Email alerts can make this stress worse.

When you read an email, it is not “unread” anymore. Making emails “read” helps manage your inbox. It takes away the bold text. This makes you less stressed. You feel better. You get more done. If your email inbox has been full of unimportant emails, switch to our easy guide for how to delete all emails at once and reach inbox zero. Alternatively, continue to current guide.


Log in to your Gmail. Click the down arrow in the search box. Choose “Unread” emails. It shows all your unread emails. Click “Mark as read” to change them. Doing this makes your inbox less full.

The Gmail app on phones can’t mark everything as read. You can use the Clean Email app instead.

Sign up for Clean Email. Let it get to your Gmail. Log in and find the “Unread Mail” filter. It shows all unread emails. Use it to mark your emails as read. First, make all chosen emails read on Clean Email. This helps you keep a tidy and sorted inbox while you are traveling without dependence on your desktop.


Begin with Outlook. Go to your Inbox. You will see two tabs likely: Focused and Other. Focused has important emails, and Other has the rest. Begin on the Focused tab. Click “Mark all as read.” Do this again on the Other tab so all emails show as read. This way is good for users who do not like many unread emails.

Making your Outlook inbox neat can help you work better. When you take away the bold, unread marks, your mind can focus on new work, emails, and what is important instead of feeling stuck with too many old messages. Using this easy way to organize may help you work digitally in a better way. Cleaning your Outlook inbox not only makes your screen look better—it can help you think more clearly and work better.

Yahoo Mail

You can get a neat inbox in Yahoo Mail easily. First, open Yahoo Mail. Next, click the top-left checkbox to select all emails. Then, click the three dots for more options. Choose “Mark as read” from the menu. Or, use “Shift + K” on your keyboard for a quicker way.

Marking all emails as read is good for you. It feels like you achieved something. It also helps you feel in control. Every unread email reminds you of a task. When you mark them read, your mind feels less stressed. It makes you feel calm. A cleared inbox means a new beginning. It helps you handle new emails better and with less worry.

Apple Mail

Apple Mail makes it easy to tidy your inbox. Open Apple Mail. Go to the Mailbox tab. Click “Mark All Messages as Read.” This clears your unread email alerts. It makes your inbox look neat right away. Suppose you like shortcuts. Press”⌘ + A” to choose all emails. Then right-click and pick “Mark as Read.” This way, it is fast and helps you keep a clean inbox.

Proton Mail

Proton Mail gives you a simple way to mark emails as read. Log in to Proton Mail. When you go to your inbox, click the small arrow next to the Inbox. Choose “All Unread” to see messages you have not read. Next, click “Mark as read” to finish. If you like to use the keyboard, Proton Mail lets you press the “R” key. By pressing “R,” all selected emails will be read. This helps you keep your inbox clean and avoid missing important emails.


Using these easy steps with different email services can help you manage your emails better. If you use Apple Mail or Proton Mail, you have tools to mark emails as read. You feel less mental pressure when you do it. It makes you pay more attention to new and important emails. You understand your email tasks better if you know which are read or unread.

Additionally, a well-organized email inbox allows you to track important emails in no time. Never miss any important email when your inbox is neat and clean. It reduces stress that you do not have to read all the unimportant emails. It improves your focus and increases productivity.