How do you send a fax from an email using Gmail and Outlook?

Faxing is not old yet. Now we have Internet faxing, also called fax or virtual faxing. This new way lets you fax from any device on the Internet. Big fax machines are not needed now. Your phone, tablet, or computer can fax for you.

Internet faxing changes your files into emails that go online. You can fax PDFs, Word files, or photos like JPEGs. This is very good because you can send important files easily and not worry about how they look or if they will work.

Internet faxing is different because it does not use a phone line. Normal fax machines scan papers and send them by phone. But Internet faxing puts your files in an email. This is faster and you can save a copy of all you fax.

Think about sending a fax from your home, a cafe, or when you travel. A big plus is no paper jams or special phone lines needed. All you need for Internet faxing is the Internet.

How to send a fax from Gmail?

Gmail does not let you fax by itself. You must use another service like FAX.PLUS to fax from Gmail. This service allows you to fax from your email without a real fax machine.

Installing FAX.PLUS

Start by logging in to your Gmail. Look for the small “+” sign on the right sidebar named Get Add-ons. Press it to go to the Google Workspace Marketplace. In the search field, enter “FAX.PLUS” and pick it from the search results.

After you choose FAX.PLUS, press to add the add-on. Do what the instructions say to sign up for their service. It is important to pick a trusted online fax service, read what customers say, and see the scores to be sure you choose well.

When the installation has been completed, you must be able to use your Gmail to send a fax. It might seem too much, but you need to do this to send faxes. Always look at what permissions an outside service asks for to keep your information safe.

After putting it on your Gmail, you can open the FAX.PLUS panel from the right side. Clicking on the FAX.PLUS, the sign will show a new panel where you can do your fax tasks.

On the panel, write the fax number you are sending to. Make sure you write the number right so you do not send the fax to someone else by mistake.

Creating a new fax

Press the New Fax button, which makes a new email to the fax number you put in, plus This makes things easier because you do not have to type the same things many times.

Next, put in the documents you want to fax. Click the clip sign, look on your device, and pick the right files. You can put in different kinds of files like Word, PDFs, and pictures like JPEGs.

If you need to add a first page, write what you want in the main part of the email. This page has details like sender and receiver names and a short message. If a cover page is not needed, do not write anything in the email.

Then press the send button. After the fax goes, a confirmation email will come. This tells you that your documents got to where they needed to go.

How to send a fax from Outlook?

To fax from Outlook, first put the Windows Fax Printer Driver on your computer. Go to Control Panel, click on Programs, and then Programs and Features. Next, click Turn Windows features on or off. A window will appear with a list of options. Under Print and Document Services, put a check next to Windows Fax and Scan. Click OK to finish your choices.

After you put the software on, connect your computer to a fax modem. Open Windows “Fax and Scan” from the Start menu. Go to the Tools menu and choose Fax Accounts. Click Add and pick Connect to a fax modem. Do what the instructions say to set up your modem.

You are now ready to send a fax using Outlook. Open the Windows Fax and Scan program. Click on New Fax on the top left. A new fax form will open. Type the fax number of the person getting the fax in the To place. Add any extra details in the fax form if needed.

If you need to send files, it is easy. Attach the files for faxing by clicking the paperclip picture. Windows Fax and Scan supports many file types, including Word files, Excel files, PDFs, and pictures. You can fax different types of documents easily.

When you put in the needed information and add your documents, click Send. The application will send your fax to the fax number of the person getting it. You can watch the progress of the fax in the Outbox. The status will change when the fax is done, showing it was delivered successfully.

Choose the right fax service.

There are many online fax services you can choose from. Choosing a good one is very important. The service should keep your papers safe from online dangers. It should have good protection and send your faxes safely, and this is key for secret information.

The cost is important too. Some services are free, but they do not let you send many faxes. Think about how much you want to fax to know if you should pay every month. Services with different prices are good. They let you change what you pay for what you need. This means you do not use money for what you do not use.

Being easy to use is very important, too. Hard-to-use services can make mistakes and waste your time. Choose a service that is easy and has good help for customers.

Pros of email to fax

Email-to-fax services lower costs a lot. You do not have to buy a fax machine or pay for its repairs and parts. Using online faxing saves money and office space.

Fax machines need to be taken care of and sometimes fixed. With email to fax, you do not have these problems. You do not have to deal with paper getting stuck, changing ink, or broken parts. This saves time and resources for other work.

A big plus of email-to-fax services is you can use them from anywhere. You can send and get faxes from any place if you have internet. This fits well with more people working from different places and helps them do more work.

Email-to-fax services are better for the environment than old faxing. They do not use paper and ink, so they make less carbon. Picking an online fax service is good for greener business.

Cons of email to fax

Email to fax is handy, but it can have safety problems. Sending documents online can risk cyber-attacks and data leaks. People with secret information must think about this risk. It makes us wonder about being easy or safe.

Many email-to-fax services need you to pay every month. They make you use money. You do not pay for things like paper or fixing machines, but you pay more every month for good services. You must decide if the costs are worth it over a long time or if it is better to pay every month. Email-to-fax services need good internet to work. They do not work like old fax machines that use phone lines. If there is no internet, they do not work. You must have good and reliable internet if you want to use them, especially in places with bad internet.

Why is email-to-fax here to stay?

The digital change has changed faxing a lot. Now, you can fax using your computer, tablet, or phone with email-to-fax services. You save time and do not need big machines or special phone lines. It is very useful to send important papers from far away. This is very important for many workers, like those in health or money jobs.

Email-to-fax services give you good things like saving money and time. They also help the earth by using less paper, ink, and big machines. This is good for the earth and is important now. To ensure easy management, use a powerful automation tool. Also, computer safety is getting better, so using email-to-fax is almost as safe as old fax machines. Businesses that think about the future will see that digital is better.