Best Email Subject Lines for Sales That Get Opened

You need to write a perfect email subject to have a good sales campaign. A good subject line makes people open your email, or they may ignore it.

This small thing is very important because it makes people want to read your message. If you know how to make good subject lines, more people will open your emails, and you might sell more.

A good email subject gets attention and makes people curious. Keep subject lines short about what you are selling, and use the person’s name to get noticed.

When you make it feel special for the person, they want to open your email more. You can also make people act fast by saying they have to hurry to get something important.

You should try different ways to see what your customers like. Asking questions, making jokes, or saying something interesting can work if you know who you are writing to.

Look at how different subject lines do and keep trying to make them better. When you pay attention to these points, you can make subjects that not just get attention but also get people involved and help you sell.

1. Personalized subject lines

Using someone’s name is good, but talking about what they like or need is even better for getting them to open an email.

For instance, if some of your customers really want to know about a new product, say that in your subject. Like this:

“Exclusive First Look at Our New GPS Technology”

This makes people who like new gadgets want to open your email. Make your subject line interesting to get more people to open your email.

If you use the person’s name, they feel special. Try a subject like,

“John, Exclusive Offer Just for You!”

The person will feel important. Use details too, like,

“A Special Deal on Fitness Gear You’ll Love.”

This makes the email feel more special, so they might open it.

2. Curiosity-driven subject lines

Curiosity is the driver behind the opening rate of an email. To increase these factors in your emails, ask a question in the subject line,

“Do You Know the Best Way to Save on Travel?”

People will want to find out the answer. Tease them with information like,

“Find Out How Our Clients Save 50% on Marketing.”

This makes people want to read more, and they might open the email.

Curiosity makes people want to click and see more. Use a subject line like,

“Have You Tried This Amazing Solution Yet?”

It makes them intrigued. Or say,

“You Won’t Believe What We’ve Got for You!”

They will want to know what it is. It makes people want to look in your email for answers.

3. Urgency-based subject lines

Use time-limited words to make people feel they need to do something right away. Offers with a timer make people want to open emails and use the offer quickly. Messages that say only a few places are left,

“Hurry, Only 10 Spots are Available for Our Webinar!”

This makes people afraid they will miss out, so they feel they must act now.

When people feel rushed, they act fast. Offers that say it is your last chance,

“Last Chance: Get 50% Off Today!”

This makes people think they must act before it is too late. Also,

“Hurry! Only a Few Items Left in Stock!”

If you start your subject line like this, it makes people afraid to miss out. They think they might lose a good deal, so they open the email fast.

4. Value proposition subject lines

Subject lines that show you get something good from the email work well.

“Boost Your Productivity: Here’s How!”

This speaks right to the reader’s wish to get better. Also,

“Achieve Your Goals with Our Latest Offer”

Starting like this promises something good, making the reader want to read more. If you show the good thing right away, people see why they should care about your email.

5. Social proof subject lines

People believe what others do, especially if there are a lot of them. Use this kind of subject line to show many happy customers.

“Join Thousands of Satisfied [Customer Type]”

This makes people feel safe and trust you, and they want to do what others do. When so many people like something, others want to open the email to see what they could be missing.

If you connect your brand with trusted names, people will trust you more. This can make them want to open your email. They get curious about why big companies trust your products.

“See Why [Company/Industry] Trusts Us for [Product/Service]”

You use the good name of a company or industry. The subject line hints that if they trust you, others should, too. It uses authority bias. That is when people listen to those they see as experts.

Best practices for effective subject outlines

Keep your subject lines short and simple. Inboxes have too many emails. People just scan them. Make sure your subject line is easy to understand. Try to use less than 50 characters. Applying these techniques will prevent your email from going to the spam folder.

For example, “Save Now: 50% Off Shoes” works better than “Our Store is Having a Big Sale – Get Your Shoes at Half Price Now!” Short subject lines look better on phones, too. They can make more people open the email.

Do not use words that make emails go to spam. Too many exclamation marks, capital letters, or words like “free” or “urgent” can be bad.

You should use normal words that make readers trust you. Say something like “Your Exclusive Offer Inside.” This is good and won’t make your email look like spam.

Your subject line must match your email. If you promise tips but just try to sell something, people won’t trust you.

Bad subject lines can make people open the email once, but they might stop subscribing. If you keep it real, people will find the good information they want.


To make the best sales email, subject lines are very important. It makes people want to open your email and improve your sales performance. A good subject line can make more people open your emails, which can lead to more sales.

Facts say that if you use the person’s name in the subject line, more people might open the email by up to 50%. Subject lines that sound urgent or make people curious also work very well. They make people open the email right away.

The length of the subject line matters, too. Studies show that short subject lines with less than 50 characters get opened more. They are easy to read quickly and fit on phone screens.

It is good to use numbers or lists in your subject lines, too. They tell people that the email will be easy to understand. For example, “5 Tips to Boost Your Sales

You should always check how well your email campaigns are doing and change your ways to keep your subject lines working. If you get very good at making subject lines, your email marketing can do much better.