How to Recall Emails in Outlook? Step-by-Step Easy Guide

Taking back emails in Outlook is a useful thing that can keep you from making mistakes or being misunderstood.

This thing lets you get back or even change emails you have sent if some things are right. It is important to know how to take back emails to stay professional and make sure you send the right messages.

You should use the take-back thing because it can fix mistakes quickly and without anyone knowing. Using good tools for email syncing provides you with an additional layer of security and works as a backup in times of recalling emails.

Maybe you made a typing error, put the wrong file, or sent the email to the not right person, taking back an email can stop people from getting the wrong idea and help you stay trusted.

Often, workers feel scared when they send an email too soon or to the wrong person, and the take-back thing is one way to deal with this.

Recalling emails in classic Outlook

It is easy to take back an email in the old Outlook when you know how to do it. Sign into your Outlook and go to the Sent Items, where all the emails you sent are. Look for the email you want to take back and click on it twice to open it.

  1. Sign into your Outlook.
  2. Go to the Sent Items.
  3. Click twice on the email you want to take back.

Do these steps to take back your email:

  1. Sign into your Outlook.
  2. Go to the Sent Items.
  3. Click twice on the email you want to take back.

Do these steps to take back your email:

  • For a Classic Ribbon:
  1. Open Message.
  2. Choose Actions.
  3. Press Recall This Message
  • For a Simplified Ribbon:
  1. Open Message.
  2. Press More commands.
  3. Choose Actions.
  4. Press Recall This Message
  • In a pop-up, pick one option:
  1. Remove unread copies of this message.
  2. Remove unread copies and send a new message
  • Press OK to take back the email or to send a new one.
  • Look at the recall report from Microsoft to see if it worked.

Taking back an email can save you if you sent one too fast. But remember, it does not always work. There are things that can change how well it works. But if it works, it stops many problems and shame.

Steps for recalling emails in new Outlook

To take back an email in New Outlook is easy. Start your Outlook and look in the Sent Items.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Look in the Sent Items.
  3. Double-click the email you want to take back.
  4. Choose Recall message.
  5. Press OK to say yes to the recall.
  6. Get the recall status update from Microsoft.

After, watch your inbox for a Microsoft message about the recall.

Recalling email In web and Outlook for Mac

You will not find a way to take back emails in or Outlook for Mac. This might make you sad.

However, Microsoft has another choice to stop quick mistakes: Undo Send. You can not bring back an email after you send it in Outlook. But you have a short time to cancel it before it goes out of your outbox.

To use Undo Send, first start Outlook. Find the Settings, which look like a gear. In Settings, look for Compose and Reply. Here, you find the Undo Send. You choose how long to wait, from seconds to 10 seconds. Remember to save what you change.

  1. Start Outlook.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Click Compose and reply.Choose a delay time in Undo Send.
  4. Make sure to save what you change.
  5. Click Undo Send to stop an email in the time you wait.

If you follow these, you see an Undo Send button when you email. It stays for the time you pick. You can stop emails you sent too fast. It is not the same as recalling, but it still helps.

Why can’t I recall my Outlook email?

The recall in Outlook may not always work. Many things can make it fail. It is good to know why.

Check if you have the right Outlook. Only Outlook for Windows has been recalled. If the person who gets the email has a different email server, the recall does not work. You and the person getting the email must have the same type of email server.

If the person opens the email, you can’t recall it. The recall will fail if the person uses a non-Outlook app like Gmail. The person needs to be online for the recall to work. Retrieving the deleted emails can work for you in this scenario.

Emails on mobiles are often marked as read, which stops recalls. Messages from a shared mailbox cannot be taken back.

What should I do if an email recall fails?

If you cannot recall an email, act quickly to fix it. Send another email to explain the mistake and the right details. It is good to say sorry for mistakes to avoid confusion.

Saying sorry helps keep good work friendships. Write a short, honest, sorry note about the error and how you will fix it.

For important things, call the person. This is fast, and it shows you care, which is better than an email.

If your wrong email makes trouble, say you will help. This shows you are professional and you can be trusted.

How can email mistakes be stopped in the future?

To stop this from happening again, check your emails before you send them. By checking your email, you can find mistakes, casual words, or the wrong people.

Turn on Undo Send in Outlook. This gives you time to cancel an email after you send it, which can stop many mistakes.


Outlook’s recall feature can take back emails you send by mistake. It is a good way to fix errors when you need to pull back an email. But the tool has limits.

It only works when the sender and the receiver have the same kind of email server, which is Microsoft Exchange. Also, the person who receives the email must not open it yet.

When you cannot use the recall, you should act fast to make the situation better. Sending another email, making a call, or helping out shows that you are professional and care.

If you want to avoid the same error in the future, check your emails before sending them. You should also turn on the Undo Send feature to cut down on mistakes.