How to End an Email (15+ Ending Lines)

Do you need to end your email well? Do you want the reader to quickly respond? We will show you more than 15+ ways to finish an email for friends and work.

You wrote your email carefully, but the last part is very important. Do you not know how to finish your email? Which words should you use at the end? Should you add your email signature?

Our short guide teaches you to end emails well. Learn how to get more answers and write a professional email.

We will look at these:

  • How to finish emails to friends
  • How to end emails to teachers
  • How to say goodbye in work emails
  • What to say at the end of an email after an interview
  • How to close an email after meeting someone
  • How to end an email if no one answered back

The end of an email is important.

People think the email subject or start is important, but the end is just as important!

Why is that? The start and end of your email are important to get an answer.

  • Your start should get attention and keep the person interested.
  • The finish of your email should make the person act and remember you.

Your email’s end is what people remember. So it is very important.

To make this part good, always ask the reader to do something, be polite, and make it easy for them to contact you.

Is this too much? Do not worry, it is easier than it sounds to write a good end to an email.

Tips for sending an email

To end an email professionally requires deliberate considerations. A good end to a work email has three parts: a last sentence, goodbye words, and your signature.

Let us start with your last sentence. The last sentence before you end your email is important.

Your last sentence should make people do something.

Now is a good time to say thank you to the person you are writing to.

Say, thank you if you are asking for a favor or if they helped you.

Here are some ways to finish your emails well:

  • I am waiting for your answer.
  • I value your opinion.
  • Thanks for your time and thinking about it.
  • Please tell me any news.
  • Call me if you need more help.

Did you pick your last sentence? Let us go to the next part and choose a good email ending.

Choose the right email ending

An email ending is a short hello before you put your name and email sign.

You can choose from many different email endings. Some are very proper, like “Sincerely yours” or “Regards.”

Some email endings are less formal like “Talk soon”, “Have a good day”, or “See you next week”.

The email ending shows how your email feels, so pick the right one for who you are writing.

For emails at work, keep it proper with “Warm wishes”, “Best regards”, or “Yours faithfully”.

If you email a friend or family, use a friendlier ending like “Love,” “XOXO,” or “Cheers.”

We made a big list of the best email endings you can use to end an email. Make sure to see it.

End with your email signature

Do not forget to put an email signature when you finish your email. This is good manners for emails.

In work emails, you need your full name, where you work, what your job is, your phone number and your email.

In friendly emails, you can just use your first name. The person you write to probably knows how to contact you.

15+ examples of closing lines & sign-offs

Need ideas? We have good examples of how to end an email nicely.

To finish an email to a friend, let’s start with an easy one. You should put a nice last sentence when you write to a friend. Say thank you or show you care. Here are some nice ways to end your email.

Email ending #1:

I enjoyed our talk. Let’s meet again soon. I can meet next Monday for coffee.



Email ending #2:

I want to know all about your trip! It sounds great. Are you free next weekend?

See you soon,


Email ending #3:

Enjoy your trip this weekend! Send me pictures! I want to know everything when you come back!

Stay in touch,


To end an email to a teacher

Do you need to ask your teacher for help? Say thank you after your class ends? Or need more information before a test? Here is a good way to end your email.

Email ending #4:

Thank you for your help. I look forward to the rest of the classes and to learning more with you.

Best wishes,

Ryan Thompson

Email ending #5:

Here is my work for our next class. I would like it if you can give me your thoughts. Thank you for your great help.

Kind regards,

Emma Roberts

Email ending #6:

Thank you for looking at my request. I thank you a lot for your understanding and support.

With respect,

Daniel Clark

How to end a professional email

When you write to your boss or someone else, you should be polite but not too formal. Here are some ways you can end your email well.

Email ending #7:

Thank you for looking at my idea. I am waiting for your answer and hope to talk more about it.

Best regards,

Alex Jonson

Head of Marketing, Luminary Enterprises

Email ending #8:

I send the quarterly report. If you have a question or need more, you can ask me anytime.

Sincerely yours,

Emily White

Accountant, Horizon Corporation

Email ending #9:

I am glad we met today. If you have more questions, just ask me.

Best wishes,

Michael Brown

Human Resources, Stellar Solutions

How to finish an email after a job interview

After you do a job interview, send an email to stay in the mind of the interviewer. Here’s how you can end that kind of email good.

Email ending #10:

Thank you for the job interview today. I really want to help your company do well.

Warm regards,

Nathan Brooks

Email ending #11:

Let me know if you need more people to talk about me. I can talk more whenever you want.

Best regards,

Emily Hays

Email ending #12:

After our talk today, I want to join your team even more. I am excited about what comes next. Dear Jacob Miller,

How to end an email after meeting someone at a networking event.

If you meet someone at a networking event, send them a polite email to keep the connection. Here is how to finish your networking email.

Email ending #13:

Meeting you was very nice. I liked hearing your UX design ideas. I am excited to think about working together later.

Yours truly,

Emily Hayes

Email ending #14:

I learned so much talking about the Pareto principle with you. I have sent an article about this subject that you might like.

With kind thoughts,

Jake Rivers

Email ending #15:

If you need help with anything, tell me. I like to help other professionals always.


Olivia Chen

How do you end an email if someone does not answer?

If someone does not answer your email and you want to remind them nicely, use these three ways to end your email.

Email ending #16:

Let me know if there is any news or if you want to talk more. You can write to me anytime.

Thank you for thinking about this,

Samantha Hill

Email ending #17:

I hope you are doing good. I would like to know what you think about our project. Your ideas are very important.

I am waiting for your answer,

Eric Taylor

Email ending #18:

Tell me if you prefer another way to talk than email. I will change it to what you like best.

Yours sincerely,

Lisa Roberts