The Impact of Technology on Our Homes and Lives

Technology has a profound effect on our culture and lifestyle since the first couch was fashioned from rocks and wood and the ability to light a fire was developed. We live in an advanced society. Technology transforms our surroundings and comfort zones into what they are now, from your car and the device you’re reading this on, to your television, jet jets, and beyond.

It is not surprising that our homes and lifestyles are changing to take advantage of the rich variety of new technologies. The traditional shelter, whether you live in a house or a condo is undergoing dramatic change. Why is this shifting? Smartphones, networked devices, the Internet of Things and other technical marvels will all contribute to the development of the twenty-first century’s “smart existence.”

The Smart Home Revolution

By 2022, it is estimated that more than 240 million smart home gadgets will be on the market. Sector growth exceeds 50%. If the home is not smart today, it may be smarter tomorrow. The “Internet of Things,” is invading the space you live in.

However, what is the point of having a smart house in the first place? Because networked gadgets outperform traditional solutions in a variety of ways. Smart gadgets give homeowners control over their property, better security, enhanced convenience, more luxury, and also ecologically conscious. Consider connected gadgets to be digital butlers or maids who do your work for you instead of you doing it yourself.

Smart devices come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, and if recent launches like the Keecker are any indicator, these form factors will continue to grow in the future. Even just a home thermostat like the Nest has the capacity to learn. The advantages of this type of technology are conscientious: perfect temperatures with the least amount of work and energy. Google, a pioneer in the home automation revolution is expanding their acquisitions well beyond Nest to include related technologies.

Do a Smart Homes mean a New Way of Life?

Technology in your home is here to stay, with renowned, dependable businesses like Google and Samsung at the forefront of the “smart home” movement. But what does smart home technology mean for the rest of society? Does the shift in technology mean that society is moving toward smart lifestyles?  With the emergence of new home technologies, the widespread use of smartphones and other gadgets, and the growing Internet of Things revolution.

One of these technologies is MERV 16 air filters that assist in maintaining a clean and fresh home environment. MERV 16 filters are commonly employed in areas like hospitals to combat a high quantity of unknown airborne germs and viruses – items that can spread through the air systems.  The reason hospitals utilize powerful HVAC systems to scrub their air from potentially fatal particles.  This enhances air quality because best MERV 16 filters are utilized.

Smart homes are more relaxing, stress-free, connected, and meaningful. Of course, Luddites and traditionalists will argue that unnecessary reliance on smart devices like smartphones has rendered us unable to engage on a human level. We become so absorbed in our phones even while we are with the people we care about. Some find this to be true. No one can deny that technology is here to stay and changes our lives for the better.

Air Purifiers to Enhance your Environment

You can pick from several styles. Mechanical models use a fan to drive air through a filter to collect particles. Even the smallest particles, such as dust, pollen, smoke, and pet dander, can be captured by high-grade HEPA filters.

Electronic air purifiers work by creating a charge that attracts small particles to metal plates, which can then be cleaned. There are purifiers that use UV light and claim to eradicate mold and germs. Finally, some purifiers utilize a carbon filter to absorb odors and eliminate gases. Thicker Carbon filters are quite effective, but may also be expensive.