Four Movies to Let Play in the Background

Ever had a bunch of friends over for a get-together and struggled to find a song list to please everyone? Even though no one is really listening, every so often someone will complain about a particular track or comment that it’s time to change the genre. Next time, try this with a bunch of movies you thought were pretty pointless as a whole, although they had some great moments.

Having something playing in the background is useful for a lull in the conversation and usually sparks off a new topic. Get a bunch of these videos out for game nights or cocktail parties. It is also a useful strategy for when your boring cousin and his loud girlfriend pop in for a visit. While he’s going on about his only interest, you will have a distraction and a chance to extend the range of topics to bring up.

The sole criterion for these movies is that you don’t need to stay focused to follow the story. Another bonus is if they feature some semi-decent soundtracks. Here is our recommended list.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This high school romantic comedy has a mixture of scenes that make you cringe and those that play on the heartstrings. It is easy to follow and has plenty of humor. The story is about a teenager whose secret love letters get sent to the recipients, which wasn’t her intention.

21 Jump Street

Two guys (Phil Lord and Christopher Miller played by Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill) who are friends at school later become police officers and partners. They are sent to a high school on an undercover mission to bust a drug ring that is providing illegal substances to the students. This is a fairly trivial action comedy, like many similar movies, and is also funny enough to attract some attention, yet too silly to sit and watch with nothing else going on.

Remember these fun scenes from 21 Jump Street with Brie Larson?

About Time

About Time is about time travel. The name is apt if a trifle simplistic, and the movie is repetitive. This is a plus when you are entertaining as the movie repeats scenes from the past and present so if you miss something you won’t miss out. About Time stars, Domhnall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams, act out a touching romance.

By streaming Netflix movies such as these, you give guests a blast from the past whenever a lull in the entertainment occurs, and it makes a great topic for conversation that everyone can join in.

A Hard Day’s Night

Here is a movie about a day in the life of The Beatles. This movie will distract you from what you are doing because, well, it features The Beatles. You will hear plenty of their famous songs and typical British humor. Your guests will be eager to share what they loved or hated about the band; after all, no one is indifferent to The Beatles. Here’s a teaser.

This starter list will give you plenty of ideas if you go through your DVD collection.