The Digital Marketing Guide for your Office Furniture Business

The main benefits of digital marketing is the affordability and reach. Advertising on platforms like Facebook is very cheap; you can even advertise on there with just $5. Lets go ahead and discuss about some common digital marketing strategies:

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is probably the most popular; who isn’t using social media these days. As mentioned above, social media advertising starts at very low costs and you can even advertise with just $5. It also integrates well with tracking software which can help you get a deeper understanding of your online store; this is because you get to observe what the customers’ interests are, and you can begin to tailor products around what posts are gaining the most traction. There are also other tools available to examine the demographics of your customers.

Social media platforms will also display your ads to relevant people. For example if you are selling an ergonomic desk chair, they will display your ads to people who might like posts related to ergonomic chairs or people who have been searching about it.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is another important digital marketing strategy to help improve your office furniture business. Everyone uses emails and you can reach such a huge audience by sending out emails to potential customers. It is also very convenient for consumers; say they are browsing their emails and see an advertisement for new office equipment; it would be so simple for them to click on the link and just like that they can be browsing your latest products. It is also easy and insightful to measure the open rates, how many people unsubscribe and delivery rates. This can help you optimise your email campaign to get the best results.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization commonly known as SEO is a process which involves improving your rankings on search engines. You will want to rank on the 1st page for keywords related to your business and in our case search terms that are related to office furniture. For example, you want to rank on the 1st page for keywords like “standing desk” and “ergonomic chair”. By ranking well on Google and other search engines, more potential customers will find your website through search engines.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is having your business focus on engaging with customers via content. This content can be anything from videos, newsletters, blogs and it ties in well with the social media marketing strategy as well. So, let’s say as an office furniture business you could create a blog on your website and write articles on the office essentials that everyone needs and you can link to the products that you sell. High quality content will rank well on search engines and will help you generate more traffic.

People on social media naturally share good content. If the content ranks in search, other bloggers will link to it. This generates more traffic and that means more customers will find you.

There are many more digital marketing strategies and here are only a few but digital marketing is very affordable for startups and can also be effective for companies with large budgets too. Digital marketing is slowly replacing traditional marketing methods and it’s definitely something that all businesses need.