How to Block Emails – Gmail, Outlook, & Yahoo Mail

Want to stop emails from a specific sender? This quick guide will show you how to block unwanted emails on Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Mail, and other popular Email Service Providers (ESPs), helping you declutter your inbox and find peace of mind. Google blocks about 100 million phishing emails daily, but that’s just a fraction compared … Read more

Understanding the Basics of Apple Mail Privacy Protection

Email advertising has grown, using hidden tracking methods. The tiny pictures in emails let senders watch what people do in secret. They collected lots of details, such as if emails were opened, where people were, and more information, which helped advertisers a lot. How many people opened emails and where they were was known from … Read more

5 Ways Siri Can Improve in the Next Update

Photo by Nicolas Lafargue on Unsplash

Do you use an iPhone and ask Siri for help every day? You might see that Siri does not always work perfectly. Apple tries to make Siri better when they update it. Siri has become an important companion of our daily lives. We cannot sometimes imagine working witout the help of this small but powerful … Read more

6 Easy Fixes for Contacts Not Showing in iOS

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Is your iPhone showing only numbers and not names for contacts? Do not worry. Many people have this problem. It is annoying when you must find a contact fast. However, you can do things to fix this. 1. Restart Your iOS Device Try restarting your iPhone first. This can clear the cache and refresh the … Read more

5 benefits of CRM in Growing a Real Estate Business

CRM (Customer relation management) is a tool that enhances your approach towards your customers. CRM platform provides a structure and order for your business. Simply put CRM software helps you keep everything related to managing your customer relationships — data, notes, metrics, contacts, etc in one place. In a digital world of business, we need … Read more

How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac

You were working on your Mac and accidentally deleted certain data? Maybe you intentionally placed some files in the Recycle Bin and then realized you might still need them? Such situations are quite common because when working with information, you cannot exclude the human factor. We all make mistakes but there’s always a solution.