How to Add a Signature in Outlook (Web, Desktop, Mobile)

Adding a signature is a must for looking professional. It ends your emails in a clear way and shows you care about details. The signature makes your emails look very neat and shows you want to be clear when you talk to other people.

Your signature should have your contact details. This makes it easy for people to get your phone number and email. They can then contact you quickly if they need to. Having your contacts there shows you are easy to reach and open, which is important in professional relationships.

A signature is also good for how others see you. It makes sure you look the same in all the ways you talk to people. When you talk in business or meet new people, a good signature shows off what you know and makes a good memory. It is like a digital business card. It helps make you look good and helps people know and remember who you are.

For your professional look, a signature does a lot. It puts being a professional, being easy to reach, and your personal brand together into a strong ending for your emails. Do not forget to download your emails as PDF and check how your signature appears. When you use a signature, you look like you have everything together and can do well in today’s working world.

Add signatures in Outlook web.

Following the step-by-step guide on how to add signatures to your Outlook web page makes your task very easy.

1. Get into Outlook Web:

  • Open your internet and go to the Outlook Web page.

2. Go to Settings:

  • Click on the settings icon at the top right of the page. Choose ‘View All Outlook Settings’ from the menu.

3. Make Signature:

  • Go to ‘Mail’ in the settings.
  • Click ‘Compose and Reply’ under ‘Mail.’

4. Put Signature Information:

  • Type your name, job title, and contact in the ‘Email signature’ box.
  • Use the toolbar to change text and add pictures or links.

5. Save Signature:

  • Click ‘Save’ after you change your signature.

6. Put Signature on Emails:

  • Turn on the option ‘Automatically include my signature on new messages I compose’ to add your signature to all emails.

7. Add Signature by Hand to Some Emails:

  • Click the pen icon to add your signature when you write an email.

Putting a signature in Outlook Web makes you look professional and allows you to share your identity and contact information in all your emails.

Adding signature in Outlook desktop

Putting a signature in Outlook desktop makes emails look professional. It gives people who get the email important contact information easy to find. It is important for branding and talking to others because it shows the same identity in all emails sent. This addition helps build trust and makes talking easier. So it is very useful for good emails at work.

A. Open Outlook on the Computer

1. Start the Outlook program on your computer.

B. Make a Signature

1. Go to ‘File’ in the upper left of Outlook.

  • Click ‘File’ and then ‘Options’.

2. Go to the Mail part in the Outlook options box.

  • Select ‘Mail’ from the menu on the left.
  • Click ‘Signatures…’ to make or change signatures.

3. Write your signature details:

  • Choose the ‘Email Signature’ tab and click ‘New’ for a new signature.
  • Put in your name, job, and contact details in the edit area. – Adjust your signature with the toolbar to change the text style, size, color, and placement.
  • You may add pictures or links if you need to.

4. Save the signature:

  • Click ‘OK’ once you finish making your signature. This will save it and close the signature window.

C. Using Signature in Emails

1. Add the signature to new emails automatically:

  • Go to Mail in the Outlook Options. Make sure your signature is chosen for ‘New messages’ and ‘Replies/forwards.’
  • Pick the signature from the lists and press ‘OK’ to make it work.

2. Put the signature on certain emails yourself:

  • Your default signature will show up by itself when you write a new email or answer one.
  • If you want a different signature or none, choose one from the menu above where you write emails.

Having a signature is important for looking professional. Many big companies now require it. It makes your messages look more trustworthy.

Adding a Signature on Outlook Mobile

This is easy to use, so you can change your signature fast on your phone. This keeps your contact info up to date-and easy to find. It also makes you look more professional and makes talking to people easy. You can do it wherever you work.

A. Getting into Outlook Mobile App

1. Open the Outlook app on your phone. Find it on your home screen or in the apps.

B. Making a Signature

1. Access the Settings Menu:

  • Tap your profile icon or the menu bar to open the menu.
  • Choose ‘Settings’ from the list.

2. Navigate to Signature Section:

  • Find ‘Signature’ in Settings and tap it.

3. Enter Signature Information:

  • Write your name, job title, and contact details in the editor.
  • Change the text style, size, and color with the options.
  • Add images or links in your signature if you can.

4. Save the Signature:

  • Tap ‘Save’ to keep your signature.

C. Applying Signature to Emails

1. Add the signature to new emails automatically:

  • See if there is a way to put your signature on new emails automatically. Turn this on if it is there.

2. Manually add the signature to certain emails:

  • Your signature should appear by itself when you write a new email.
  • Change your signature or remove it from the email screen if you want.

Using a signature in the Outlook mobile app is good for busy people. It keeps your emails looking professional everywhere.

Tips for a Good Signature

Make sure your email signature is short. Do not fill it with too much stuff. A simple signature looks better and shows important details clearly. Your aim is to share needed information without making it too much for readers. Your email signature must have important details that show who you are and how to contact you. This should include:

  • Full Name: Your name is important. It shows who is sending the email, which is key for work talks.
  • Job Title: Your job title gives you trust, and it shows your place in the company.
  • Contact Information: Give your phone number and email so people can contact you. This makes talking easier and can bring new chances.
  • Add branding: Use elements that make your signature noticeable. This makes you look more professional and strengthens your company image.
  • Company Logo: Your company logo in the signature looks nice and well-known. It makes your signature look more professional than just words.
  • Social Media Links: Links to your work social media pages, like LinkedIn, let people connect with you in other ways. It shows that you are active online, too.
  • Website Links: A link to your company site or your work portfolio can bring more visitors. It also tells people more about what you do.


Email signatures are key in online talks. They show your work identity and make it easy to contact you. Making a good signature can make your emails more professional. A signature is not just for contacts; it’s a strong way to show your company style and impress people you talk with. If you respond to emails moving or write messages from your phone, a good signature makes work faster and shows you want to communicate clearly and well.

Also, changing email signatures in apps like Outlook Mobile on your phone is easy and useful. You can change your signature on your phone so your contact information is always new and easy to find. This saves time and makes you look more professional by making your emails look the same. When you use this good tool, you seem professional in every talk, which makes people trust you and shows you care about talking well.